Whistler Wonder

I guess imma writer. What an odd thing. Other people are writers. I just write poetry. And plays. And stories. And screenplays....Ok so  perhaps there is truth to these words: I am a writer.

Praxis Screenwriter's lab was a dream. People who are 'legit busy working writers' read my screenplay, and sat down with me for a week, and gave me feedback, and shared their thoughts, asked questions and probed for answers, and were 'invested' in my voice. I was scooped away with other 'I think imma writer'-writers, and we entered into a bubble slightly terrified and somewhat confused that we actually were chosen to be there, and emerged from the cacoon still terrified, but smarter and more determined to tell the most truthful, messy stories we could. Because that's what it's about isn't it? Telling the best stuff. Bottling that feeling that lives in our chests and capturing it with words and punctuation, so that the right people can say those words and that feeling will get passed forward from and to each and every person it meets until it jumps off the screen and lands back into our chests. 
So yeah. I. Am. A. Writer.