Can we talk about fungus for a second?

I did a ceremony. A ceremony. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, you know what I'm talking about. It was a spiritual, psychedelic experience, unlike anything that I have ever experienced. It wasn't my first time being a part of a ceremony, but it was my first time being involved in anything this vivid, this intense, and this life changing. 

My intention was numerous. I wanted answers and I wanted to let go.

I believe in trans-generational pain. I believe we carry with us the things of our ancestry, both positive and negative. They live within our DNA, taking residence in our pain body, and as we age, we may find we hold on to things that are not us and that do not serve us.

For instance someone with a family history of poverty, may always be worried about money, may not be able to hold on to money or make money quite as easily as someone who has the same opportunities but has never had that history in their family. As is the same with violence, slavery, abuse, addiction and the list goes on and on. The similarly the opposite is true. Someone's who comes from an upperclass pedigree, who'se family has always known money and power will hold that information inside their bodies, and will understand instinctively how to take up space and how to receive.  It is not simply that they have been raised this way, it is in their bones. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. The universe is vast, ever changing and has the dynamic large picture at play, that we can't even comprehend. But I do believe that on the whole there is truth to these ideas. 
So, stepping into the ceremony I wanted to let go of the suitcase I've been carrying. And I do believe that it was done. 

To anyone who has never had a psychedelic experience within a ceremony, I don't know if I can do justice talking about it.  But I think that if everyone could have the opportunity to take part in a safe journey, with an experienced shaman, they should. It's simply a start. It's like the blinds opened and what you knew was true all along. The trick is to viscerally know it's still there when the blinds eventually close again.  To integrate the teachings and the messages that were passed forward during the journey.