hey jude, whatchoo drinkin'?

Can we just talk about the Beatles for a moment? What were they drinking? Because I want what they're having. It blows my mind. 50 years ago they were making music that caught the frequency, rode it and is still relevant, authentic and plain good in a world where--well, have you heard the radio these days?

Which brings me to my next thought -- destiny. Living in the 'create your own adventure' kind of era that we do, where The Secret and such schools of thought are prevalent and quoted almost as doctrine, puts a lot of pressure on the lowly individual regarding their own place in the cosmos.

'Who am I? What is my purpose?' are burdensome questions.  Is my destiny escaping me because I had a bad day and couldn't tune back into the cheery radio wave? Am I not loving myself, loving others, detaching, attaching, envisioning well enough? I suppose these questions have been plaguing the average Jo and Joanne since the beginning. Decartes seemed to have found some peace with "I think, therefore I am", which unfortunately is now debunked, since 'thinking' as it turns out by the fathers of New Age Spirituality is no longer something to brag about. 

But the Beatles, were just some average dudes from Liverpool who could hum a tune, who happened to stumble onto a life that I'm pretty sure none of them had expected. Which makes me think, that destiny must have a way of finding you, even when you're not sure what you're looking for. Of course hard work, preparation, yadayada has a lot to do with it --  But John Lennon was going to be John Lennon whether he liked it or not. Nelson Mandela was going to be Nelson Mandela. Oprah isn't a dog groomer in Philadelphia - she's Oprah. So there's got to be a big hand playing the chess board, right? No matter how badly we want to go right, if we're meant to go left we will, right? There's some relief about this. There's something about knowing that I'm not the only one who is driving this boat, that relaxes me. Because let's be honest, I don't know a whole lot about boats, and I'm not a great swimmer. I like the idea that I can let go of the wheel for a moment and enjoy the breeze before we head into the deep waters of Babylon.